About us

fashionbytes is an exciting multi-media platform designed to help new and emerging design talent flourish through a mix of live educational events, industry news and a vibrant community. This allows creatives, design talent and experts to share ideas.

Being an expert within your own field is no longer sufficient, it has become increasingly important to engage with professionals in all sectors. fashionbytes brings together the necessary elements to support individuals and businesses. There are so many instances where incredible talent fail due to not adhering to or not having knowledge of all aspects of business. It is not enough to be in just one of the categories. Regardless of specialism, to be successful everyone needs to be able to network and have the right support around them.

fashionbytes has allocated 3 core industry segments, these are Growth, Opportunity & Prosperity. Within the individual segments there lies 3 core fundamental businesses, these are Creatives, Media and Corporate Professionals as defined below:

Creatives include clothing designers, textile & graphic designers, stylists, photographers, make-up artists etc…

Media is made up of PR, marketing, branding & advertising

Corporate Professionals is made up of accountants, lawyers, financiers

The level of experience and expertise will determine the area of your segment. For example, if an accountant is starting their career, they are most likely to network in the Growth segment to potentially gain a new client and ensure both businesses grow together.

This interactive approach connects people and promotes networking with budding businesses and those aspiring to succeed.

fashionbytes is the ultimate resource for a fragmented industry...